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Replacing a broken HDD

03/09/2015, 09h10
What is the correct way to get technical support?

The HDD in my server broke on Sunday, so I logged a ticket through the Manager (Support->Technical Support). I also sent a request using
After a couple of days, I got a response from customersupport at saying that I need to contact Kimsufi support. I sent another request at

Last night, the monitoring service detected a hardware failure, and I got an email, "OVH Monitoring" from customersupport at saying that I need to make a backup and respond to this ticket within 10 days. I don't have access to this "ticket" through any ticketing system, so I replied to the email, but this is the same email address that told me I need to contact Kimsufi support so I'm not sure that anything will happen. Furthermore, it's customer support so it is only open during normal working hours.

Is there anything more that I can do? Is there any way of contacting Technical support more directly, since they're apparently ready to fix hardware problems 24/7?