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4.99 Servers

04/09/2015, 10h07

Multiple reasons.

These servers aren't really 'build and sold". They are recycled servers.
This means that current users clients have to abandon them first so KS can transform them into a real KS server.
Of course : no one knows WHEN a servers is taken back by KS ...

Next issue: KS sells their servers on the entire planet ..... which means : many (a 7 or 8 digit number) potential clients.

The worst thing : they sell (rent actually) them to cheap.

They (= KS) designed the server for a spcial usage ! => "Training :: Move from theory to practice with a server that will support you throughout university and beyond. Discover the role of a sysadmin and enhance your skills."
Of course, "Training" is never a urgent matter (no weekends, holidays, etc) - it just takes time, like one year.

All this to say: "keep it cool, learn how to wait, these are KS servers"

03/09/2015, 18h40

i'm new on the forum. I hope you can help me to understand why it's a lottery to find a server at 4.99 euro...

Is there the possibility to book this kind of servers?