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No response after hardware failure

10/09/2015, 22h49
I eventually got it replaced yesterday (after about 10 days of waiting). Still, it could have been worse!

08/09/2015, 13h03
So I wait're yesterday morning. Last time I waited five days.

08/09/2015, 09h19
Still waiting... does anyone know if the "Support Team" are responding to any tickets at all?

04/09/2015, 08h47
My server has been rebooted into rescue mode for almost a week now due to a HDD failure. I've had a couple of emails from the datacenter monitoring telling me to contact Kimsufi to get it replaced. I've contacted Kimsufi through the contact page several times to get it replaced ASAP with no response. Is there anything else I can do?

Given the prices, I'm not expecting immediate response times but this is ridiculous. It looks like I'll have to just abandon the server though clearly Kimsufi will not care!