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Reinstalled server, old password no longer works

07/09/2015, 15h25
New install, initiated from the server Manager by you, will produce a new email with a new password.

As you might have guessed, many lousy email-host companies exists : they throw away the mails you really need.
But, there is good news. This situation has been solved ages ago.

Look closely at the Manager that 'manages' your server: you can enter an SSL- public key !
When you do so, the (re) installation of your server will use that key, so, no more password is needed when you enter your server using SSH (on your side, you - with Putty - use the private key).
When you switch to rescue mode, and reboot your server, the same thing will happen : you will receive a mail, but you do not need it anymore ! Use your private key. Its as simple as that.

No (user created) tutorails are present here but here you'll get the picture.

Note : a root password should be used only ones : to setup up the public key on the server - you disable then 'password' login for SSH, and afterwards you only use the private key to enter SSH - never ever keep password authentication.

When you have some time, read this - contact KS and have your primary mail changed.

07/09/2015, 15h11
Simple as that. I try to login through ssh with 'root' and the password originally sent to me and I can't connect, I get 'access denied'. I'm new to the service, was I supposed to receive a second email with a new password when I reinstalled? I haven't received one.
I tried rebooting, but that didn't work either.