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Unable to complete order process

14/09/2015, 12h20
Hello Kimsufi,

Like many others, I've signed up to the unofficial notification site to monitor the availability of the KS-3 servers. I've received several notifications the last few weeks, but been too slow to respond to them, until today.

I was able to put a server in my shopping basket, and was able to get to the order overview page where I was prompted to change the lease period. Chose the default 1 month period, and pressed continue. I was then asked if I was a new or existing customer, and seeing as I have an account with no current servers, I chose 'existing customer'. I was then asked to verify my information, and all the information on record was current and I pressed continue again.

However, the whole order process was aborted as I received a 500 Server Error message, and my shopping basket was now empty. And result, I'm without a server which I had in my shopping basket.

Now is there anything you can do about this?

Yours sincerely a returning customer who's sad that the order process got deleted...