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Server hacked - now in rescue mode

16/09/2015, 07h27

support is not on the forum (look the topic about the support).

And like @nowwhat say if the server is un hack mode they won't replace the HDD and it's normal that the server cannot reboot normally (hack = special state).

If it's the second time that the server is in "hack" mode you will have to réinstall before using it and retrieve your files in rescue mode.

If it's true that your HDD is broken on you cannot retrieve your files with rescue mode sorry but no chance to got that files, you have to make backup like on your new server.

Cordially, janus57

15/09/2015, 23h29
Does kimsufi actually support its users?
This is crazy.

15/09/2015, 09h43
Server has not worked since hacks, many unsuccessful reboots.

Where to open a ticket? I spoke in person with OVH but they said I must speak to kimisufi and this forum is the only route I found for support.

Honestly the lost files are not life threatening, just very inconvenient (950 photo attachments fro forum posts plus website narratives).

I am hoping kimisufi is able to access hardrive.

15/09/2015, 07h24
Is your server hacked right now ?
If not, why mentioning it ? If so, I understand you had to move to another server ....

If your drive is broken, then, yes they will replace it. They will not try to retrieve your files.
Did you receive the mail ?
If not, open ticket right away.
If yes, then bad luck, you have access, but, your drive is in a really bad shape (that's why they want to replace it, after all). You have no choice as to proceed, and after the replacement to ask to them to have it send over to you (will cost you env. 135 $). Then you can decide what to do with it. Try to rescue your own files - or have it send over to a special retrieval lab (between 500 and 1000 $).

Btw: this is a KS server, with these selling-conditions : "backup your files, or loose them"

14/09/2015, 23h19
Hi nowwhat

Again, OVH have agreed to replace the hard drive.
Again, we are UNABLE to retrieve our files.

I am hoping kimsufi support will be able to assist.

14/09/2015, 20h58

OVH will not change your hard drive. They only do so if it is mechanically broken.

When your server is hacked several times, OVH get 'fed up' with the situation and puts your server in rescue mode.
You probably have right now some kind of FTP access to retrieve your files. You should have received a mail with login credentials. Btw: only YOU have access to your server, no one else.
Then, to unlock the situation, you reinstall the server - all data will be lost on the server - and you start over.

I advise you to:
LEARN how to manage a server
HIRE someone to do it for you.
you will LOOSE server for good.
It's as simple as that.

14/09/2015, 16h33
Hi, not sure what info you need but:

IP : Manage
IPv6 : 2001:41D0:2:EC3e::/64

Our website and forum was on this server but it failed (as it often does) and the interventions show is was hacked a few times on 23/ 24th July.

Since then we had to move our forum to a new server but cannot retrieve our files as the server is in Rescue Mode.

OVH say they can replace the hard drive but I need to back it up - firstly, can you get access to our files? I dont even know where to look...

Thank you