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"We check your payment manually" since yesterday.

21/09/2015, 11h54
using google mail here. i think all mails go through... never had a problem yet, though it labels valid emails as spam a bit too often.

21/09/2015, 11h45
Often, people use play-mails (free-mails) and these have the nasty habit to working with a prix / quality relationship of "0".
So : you do not receive all mails adressed to you.
Normaly, you do not notice that (because you didin't received them).
But sometimes you wait for a mail, and it never arrives.....

21/09/2015, 11h00
OK. Thanks. So I wait.

I'm posting this beacause I read about some ppl who didn't receive their validation request email (the one with requesting the papers). And I thought that maybe this is the case.

BTW. You know it says "120 sec." on the home page...

21/09/2015, 10h54
Well, yesterday was "Sunday" in Europe, so, nothing happened.
This morning, they all started their week, at 09h00 local time.

KS oder handling can be anything from 20 seconds to seceral days (several like "7 or 10', not '2'). See this forum for more info, you'll find some several thousands of messages like yours.

21/09/2015, 10h51
Hello. I've ordered KS-1 yesterday and entered debit card details and I can see that the money is blocked on my bank account (since yesterday), so the payment went well, I think. However, the order status has been on "We check your payment manually" since yesterday. I didn't receive any email to validate my account (to send you some papers). Checked spam folder too. What do I do now to speed up the process?

Order no.: 42919731

Thanks in advance