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Server in FTP recue mode

30/09/2015, 10h09
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. Is urgent.
Normally, YOU can't boot in rescue-ftp-only mode. Only KS tech services can do that.
They do this because ..... read the mail you received when they did this. They have to explain why they did it.

SAVE all files that you need to keep. Keep in mind that you also have to save the 'raw' database files (if you have any).

DO NOT SAVE the files that are the reason why your server was put in ftp-rescue mode.

BE WARE, that KS-tech serveices will put your server only ones in ftp-rescue mode. The next time they will take the server from you (without refunding).

29/09/2015, 23h25
I want to change my server from rescue ftp to normal mode with ssh access.

My server is

My interface doesn't let me change that.

Thanks. Is urgent.