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KS-1 order number: 43136167

01/10/2015, 19h02
NVM, the email had wrong login link... found the right location now

01/10/2015, 18h18

the ID is you mail.

OVH and KS don't have the same database for account

Cordially, janus57

01/10/2015, 16h17

Bought the server but i cannot access it at web control panel page ( I'm trying to login with the ID that i got from the email, but it says "Error: Invalid Account ID or password". Also when i try to recover forgotten password it says "Unable to start recovery procedure".

When i ordered the server i selected i'm new customer because i didn't remember i had OVH account already. So did this confuse the system or something? (Having account with the same email already registered)

I also got email telling me that my server has been installed and i may login.