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Server down or very low

03/10/2015, 20h16
after that :
You are in rescue mode, so do YOUR job: test your server for broken RAM, broken hard disk, etc. Rescue mode is being designed to do that.
If disk or RAM are broken, have it replaced. Open a ticket, detail your findings (see other messages about how to do so, do NOTdo it like you did with your first 2 messages on this forum : talking without info except "it doesn't work")
If your server is physically ok, then your problem is solved.
Hire an admin, and you will find your server UP very soon.
Or solve the software issue yourself ....

03/10/2015, 18h45
run rescue-pro and backup your files from there

02/10/2015, 18h18
The time is passing... any solution. When the server is OK, 5 minutes for go to other company. Very bad service.

02/10/2015, 17h00

I have a server in Kemsirve (Kimsufi), is ks39850 with ispconfig installed. I have too mucho problems, server is down all time and I cant access to my 27 websites and I am losing time, money and SEO.

I like a solution. Wait for the reply.

Best regards.