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To OVH/Kimsufi admins: Request for ISO in the admin manager: OpenBSD 64bit! (5.7)

23/12/2015, 01h24
No - he asks kindly if it would be possible that the Kimsufi-Staff adds native OpenBSD as a default Installimage.
That would indeed be very nice and would save a lot of extra quirks......

06/10/2015, 11h16
you cannot do that

03/10/2015, 22h30
While admittedly you can install OpenBSD on the KS-1 and KS-2 ( and on the KS-3 and up via Linux KVM-accelerated QEMU-based VNC, then that is extremely cumbersome.

The simplest and cleanest solution would be that you (OVH/KS admins) start including the OpenBSD installer ISO:s in your admin tool!

Could you please do that?