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Server suspended renewal dates

05/10/2015, 08h34
Check selling conditions first.
It not you who decided when you pay, its them (KS).
And yes, if the servers gets suspended, it takes time to put it online again.

Btw: for these matters, the user-to-user forum (this one) isn't of any help. Go over here

04/10/2015, 23h00
OK, so why is it the second a payment is late, you suspend the server until its paid but as soon as I pay it I have to wait hours if not days for it to come back online? Also, if it gets suspended on the 1st of the month, why if I pay on the 5th of the month do I not get my renewal date changed? This is VERY annoying, especially if you suspend me at 8AM on the 1st, I pay at 9AM the same day then 3 days later my server comes back online still with a renewal date of the 1st? Do I get compensation for those 3 days that my server has been offline? NO!!! So change the renewal date!