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validation request

13/10/2015, 15h16
Citation Envoyé par Ezak
but until now there is no reply !
Good to know:
3 % order OVH servers
6 % oder SYS servers
91 % (try to) order KS servers.

Also: this forum could inform you (just read some messages ...) that it takes ... time .... Could by anything from minutes, houres, days ....

13/10/2015, 14h49
open a ticket for it

12/10/2015, 16h45
hello .

please i have an active account with ovh ( france and usa ) and soyoustart because i have many dedicated servers with ovh .

and iam planning to order extra servers from kimsufie and i send you before to activate my account also in kimsufie to be able place my orders .

but until now there is no reply !

can you help me please !

thanks in advance ..