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Is Web Customer Interface compatible with Firefox 40/41 ?

19/10/2015, 18h18

in my firefox 41.0.2 all is good, are you behind a proxy or other thing that can block some stuff ?

Cordially, janus57

19/10/2015, 14h59
Hi All,

After a problem with a KS server, i need to join the Web Interface to manage it (: ) .
But i got an empty web page. I'm using Firefox 41.0.1 as web browser and nothing. I tried a clean profile same result - empty page.
I must install a Windows VM to use Internet Explorer to join my Werb Interface and it works.
I want to know if it's a common issue for Firefox users and some explanations from the support (or web developpers if he/they exist).
In my remembers, i joined to my interface 2 months agi and everything was fine.