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30/10/2015, 12h03
@ any moderator or admin - please delete this thread. There must have been some problem while posting, while i was asking this and changed it later.


30/10/2015, 11h54

When you are a new user (which is the case)
You post URL's then your message is held back for admin approval (this is done so they can filter out the hundreds of spam-posts that are posted every day.

If you need to post an URL, do it like this:
www dot google dot com

edit: when posting on the net, ALWAYS do this:
and post then.
If something messed up (example: your connections is down) the your post isn't lost.

30/10/2015, 11h41

i'm searching for a old small Isgenug / Kimsufi with FO Ip's. In the german forum there are some, but the config is a little bit to huge. To my info the old more expensive are still transferable. To order multiple of the new once isn't good for my project.

If someone doesn't need it anymore - please send a mail or post me a offer. If someone can help me in getting one, i will give away one of my Promotion-Code i got from OVH in the value of 50. Thanks for any help in advance.