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Order 44601367

14/11/2015, 17h12
Your lucky if you get in 7 days I am still waiting and it almost been a month and the french arseholes will not even bother to do anythign about it.

12/11/2015, 01h04
You got your server by now? I am waiting since the 2nd without luck.

03/11/2015, 18h09

bad luck no support on forum and delivery time is from 120seconds (have chance) to 7 days and only if KS don't ask you for documents (it can happen later).

Cordially, janus57

03/11/2015, 14h29
I am posting in regards to order 44601367. It was purchased yesterday and although the system was in stock, it has yet to be delivered.

I understand that the '120 second' statement provided in marketing nonsense but 24+ hours with no further details after payment confirmation does not constitute good customer service. (from looking at other thread, 24 hours is nothing in comparison to their author's waiting time)

I have contacted support, to which I have not received any response and from viewing other posts I don't expect to get one any time soon. I can also confirm I have recieved no request for documentation etc, perhaps due to me being located in the UK.

Firstly, can i get an update regarding my order?
and secondly, can i expect such delays on any subsequent purchases?

Many Thanks.