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custom linux and rescue mode

03/11/2015, 23h41
Hi all,

I ordered myself three ks3 servers to set up my personal kubernetes cluster on top of coreos.
I automated the install of coroes and kubernetes with ansible and the kimsufi api and for the first run api and automation seems to work fine.

The problem is, once I booted in the recovery linux and installed coreos I can't do it a second time.
Boot into rescue is just not working anymore, the server always boots into coreos. Also reeinstalation of other operating systems is not working anymore.

So I have two questions:

  • how can I keep the boot into recovery working even if I have a custom linux.
  • what is the use of a recovery net boot anyway if I can stop it from working by installing something different then expected to the local disk.
    shouldn't a netboot recovery system work independently from the local disk?

Specially when setting things up and testing my automation I want to setup and destroy my servers very often.
If I need to trigger a reinstall of some arbitrary other os just to see it fail and be fixed by an kimsufi engineer in a couple of hours it slows me down badly, annoys me and probably also the kimsufi engineer who hast to fix it.

In case anybody wants to use ansible to script against the kimsufi or other ovh apis I wrote a small ansible module that allows you to do so.
You can find it on github here:

Thanks in advance