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KS-3 ordered but not delivered

30/11/2015, 22h20
I wished i had seen this before i placed an order... I will be cancelling tomorrow if I get no reply from them. so far ive not had a single message....its shocking how a company can be allowed to run this like....they make promises that cannot be kept and dont even have the respect for their customers to atleast reply back.... at least you had a reply...i got notihng......

14/11/2015, 17h35
Weird, I already ordered a few servers with them, the last in September, all of them were setup within 4 hours. I am wondering especially because they are just closing the ticket stating "we have more orders than usual". That is weird, because most of the time you cant order any servers because they are sold-out.

14/11/2015, 17h11
I have been waiting a month for my order

12/11/2015, 01h03
Hi lucaFraga,
I am waiting since the 2nd Nov. Support told me that they are waiting for an answer from the technican, how long it will take. That has been last week, this week they closed the ticket without any notice.

10/11/2015, 10h36
Hi, Kimsufi Administration.

In the day 5th of november of 2015 i ordered a KS-3 which I still didn't receive.
I've sent you an email via the contact forum with the order ID and also a ticket from my control panel ( since I have another server) and still i don't get any answers. Are you going to answer my questions or just wait until I decide to rent from another hoster?