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Cant Login to OVH Manager, but can login to Kimsufi CP

16/11/2015, 18h33

you don't have access to OVH since it's KS =)

All the features are present in KS panel

Cordially, janus57

16/11/2015, 14h19
I got an email with a login for the OVH managment CP. When i try to login it tells me the login is incorrect. If i try to reset the password i get the message "Unable to start recovery procedure".

I am able to log into the kimsufi CP and install an OS from here, but the manager is very limited and i want to be able to manage it from the OVH CP. How can i get access to it. The email told me to login to the managerv3 (which i believe is the old CP). Im assuming it would still work with the new CP.