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Bought K2-2 Server but error 500

30/11/2015, 22h14
I had this too, i came out and went back in , it worked fine after that. But i would hold onto your money and go elsewhere....because if I had known i would be treated the way i have been so far, i would not of bought a server here.

I ordered a KS-2 at 9:30 this mornining. it said Delivered (meaning it will be online) within 120seconds (it USED to be true but not anymore...) it's now 21:15 and i havent even had a reply from them to say "Sorry for the delay" , thats the least they could do but they dont even do that....i honestly wished i had saw this forum before i bought im not alone on this ...many others are in teh same boat it would seem so i will allow until tomorrow then im cancelling and filing a chargeback coz im not waiting however long it takes for them to process my request to cancel ......if its this bad when it comes to paying can you imagine what it would be like asking for a refund lol??????

20/11/2015, 21h05

contact the support

Cordially, janus57

20/11/2015, 20h13
I have the same problem. Please help.

16/11/2015, 14h43
I waited a long time to get a chance to buy this server for after I try to order. I get 500 error... how can I get my server?