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Teamspeak 3 Server crash itself and crash the server network

17/11/2015, 10h33
Ok so, you don't have any idea of what is going wrong on my server ?
Because a made another test yesterday, I started my TS service at 21:35 and It was working perfectly until 2:17 (AM) and at this time my server lost the connection.
But its connection get back 10 min later at 2:27 ...

16/11/2015, 23h49
Citation Envoyé par skoatzone
But you said you are currently running TS server on kimsufi server ?
Noop, sorry : I left KS because of network instability issues (read : KS has no 'SLA' or: you get what they have, if it wasn't eaten already by another KS).
I went for SYS two years ago.
SYS: rocks !

16/11/2015, 22h22
I'm currently running the last version of TS server 64Bits => Server 64-bit
Yeah I said it but what I was meaning is that my KS2 serveur become unreachable 5 to 10 min after teamspeak server started.
And before the network failure, the TS server was working perferctly ...

I have already looked for any log about network failure on eth0 but the only thing I found is that line :

Nov 16 15:17:12 ns315124 networking[3457]: Failed to bring up eth0.
But this append after the reboot of the server (after the server lost connection and I needed to reboot it ...)
I don't understand why the TS server cause this network issue ...

But you said you are currently running TS server on kimsufi server ?
Do you want more informations about logs or anything else ?

16/11/2015, 19h43
Running what version ?
I've one TS3 (64-bit running (4 virtual servers) for weeks now ......

I tend to say : if TS3 goes down (how do you know ... you said also your nerwork goes down ...) then some hardware problem is bugging you.
If the NIC goes goes down, you will see 'eth0' messages in one of your logs.

16/11/2015, 16h35

I have a problem while running a teamspeak 3 server on my server.
When I start it, it's working perfectly during about 5 to 10 min.
But after that, the TS server crash and my dedicaced server lost the connection and become unreachable .... And I need to reboot it to get back the connection.
I was looking for teamspeak server logs but I didn't find anything about this...

My teamspeak server is running on 9996 port.
My OS is debian 8 x64

Any idea on what is going wrong ?

Thannk a lot !

Kind regards.