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Order Status 45110347

30/11/2015, 22h12
I see you're in the same boat as me then... I ordered a server and despite it saying delivered/online within 120seconds, im still waiting 9 hours later....

I think i will cancel this tomorrow and go elsewhere..... might try that company called "online"

20/11/2015, 09h58
Hello All:

Some days ago i request a new KS-4 Server, I request the server and proceed with the payment. After some secs, the followed mail has been received:

Your order 45110347 has been received.
Our teams will validate it as soon as possible.

Order summary:

- Kimsufi - 16G Core i7-920 1x2TB Server - 1 month

We will provide you with the order delivery date and your bill in a future email. The order amount will be taken from the payment method linked to your customer account.

But no server has been provisioned. Can you say me something about this?

Thank you in advanced.