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Newbie - need all your help in order to setup a running dedicated server debian 7

15/12/2015, 13h56

A KS is intended to be a "do it yourself" server.
Renting a server shouldn't be your first step, learning and documenting comes first.
It's like driving a car : first you learn it, then you buy a car and drive for yourself.

Btw: Debian 7 is 'old'. A newer version, named Jessie (Debian 8) came out a year ago.

p lopes
15/12/2015, 12h22

I'm newbie, and I would like to ask your best help, in order to buy and setup a dedicated server to running a debian 7.

From the beggining, I will buy a dedicated server from KIMSUFI, but than, after send me the user and password, what I need to do to setup a debian 7?

please help me... very first time to deal with this...