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order #47098283 still waiting for validation

08/01/2016, 11h55

I ordered one KS-4 server at 06-01-2016 13:07:39.
I pay for (visa card option) it and i have confirmation in bank.
Once i check link from email it says "Your order was paid on 06/01/2016 a 13:20:48 - Your order is in progress"
Meanwhile i received email (06/01/2016 a 18:43) with documents requests to verify my self. (had to send them in 24h).
I sent them back to "" (06/01/2016 a 18:59) attaching original email with requested documents.
Sadly still i don't have any confirmation and server does not appear on my control panel.
I was trying to get one for long time and once i was registering i mistype couple letters in my name.
Please advice how long i need to wait still.
Also if there is anything what i can do to help please contact me.

Cheers. Wojciech A.