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Need help with DNS

08/01/2016, 17h00
It already worked. It wast jus very slow i was waiting like 48hours+- it says - Welcome to the home of
To change this page, upload your website into the public_html directory

But i only changed DNS at (gave them two) i did nothing more - thats okey?
My DNS at are -,]

08/01/2016, 16h57
The easy solution that always works :
DO NOT change the DNS server settings (leave them as ther are).
Just change (or add) the "A" record in you "DNS Zone" so it point to your server (server IP). Same thing for the "AAAA" record (IPv6).
Wait (some minutes, hours, a day maybe).
And your domain name will point to your server.

I do not know what DirectAdmin is. If it is a program, consult its manual .......

Plan B (for your probably Plan Z ) is:
FIRST : Set up a DNS 'master' server on your server, so, it handles your domain name.
THEN : Visit the KS server Manager and add your domain on the "DNS" tab (using your server IP and default")
FINALLY : Using the panel at to change DNS servers (two at least) for your server, and
Wait some time (minutes, hours, a day ?) and its ok.

08/01/2016, 13h47
Hello. I have bought a dedicated server on kimsufi, i also bought a directadmin license and everything is installed.
My problem is i added domain to my dedicated server on directadmin - and the domain name i bought from - my question is - which DNS i put on ? What DNS do i put there so my website is working?

And also, do i change DNS on directadmin on my domain?

Please help thanks