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Account validation progress is horibble

11/01/2016, 14h22
when i try place an another order i got stuck "Summary of your customer identifier" page. Please help !!!

11/01/2016, 14h19
still no response !

at least give me a reply.

08/01/2016, 14h18
i ordered a server but when i try to pay i got this message : Your user account has not yet been validated.

i sent emails and opened tickets. no reply

i sent my id and bank statement but got no response.

we have to hurry because my order expire in one DAY !

Number: 47143612
Date: 07-01-2016 18:54:24
Expiry date: 08-01-2016 18:54:24
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here is my : nichandle: ea97472-ks