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Big problem with ftp

08/01/2016, 18h45
Sure will

08/01/2016, 18h43
You're welcome

Remember to pass it on if someone else asks

08/01/2016, 18h43
You were right I renamed 'index.html' to 'indexx.html' and it is fully working now thank you very very much!

08/01/2016, 18h41
I suspect that what's happening is, the default Apache page is named index.html but the page you want is called index.php, and that the .html is taking precedence (or the other way around).

Try renaming index.html to something else.

08/01/2016, 18h36
I mean "" - as it says at directadmin its all good here I DID NOT add any 'www' or anything its clean "" - mistake before ;P

08/01/2016, 18h35
But you said, "No i added my full - its all good here. I did not add any subdomains"

Which is it?

The "www." part is a subdomain

08/01/2016, 18h29
But i added it "".

08/01/2016, 18h27
In DA, you need to add just "" — No www or other subdomain.

08/01/2016, 17h57
Yes i can see the uploaded files in public_html folder in da.

Yes i just tried connecting with www at the start and without also. all the time same thing -

No i added my full - its all good here. I did not add any subdomains

Lol. when i tried - it worked. I MEAN I CAN SEE THE FILE.
I tried - - and i can see the file.

So whats the problem? Why when i try - it does not show anything?

08/01/2016, 17h47
That looks right.

Can you see the uploaded files in the public_html folder in DA?

Have you tried connecting both with and without 'www.' at the start?

Have you accidentally added the wrong domain (or perhaps a subdomain such as by mistake?

What if you try something like in your browser?

08/01/2016, 17h36
I am using User account for the perticular website.
Yes i have added domain to directadmin.
Yes i am using the correct username (logging to ftp threw admin account and also tryed to make new ftp account for the user and the same thing - i upload and it says succesfull but i cant see anything on website - nothing changes there)

Might be the permission problems?
here is a screen -
Or everything is okey there?

I do not knwo what the problem is i upload on filezilla files and it says succesfful ( i can see every file on files, ftp) but nothing happens on website...

08/01/2016, 17h30
Are you using the Admin account for this particular website, or have you added a user?
Have you added the domain to DA? (Login as the relevant user and then: Your User -> Domain Administration -> Add another domain)
Are you using the correct username in your FTP client?

08/01/2016, 17h15
There is index.html and index.php(uploaded from wordpress) so everything ok

08/01/2016, 17h10
Make sure that you have an index.html or index.php in the web root (public_html).

08/01/2016, 16h52
DirectAdmin (CentOS 6) (64bits)
web server - what u mean?
panel - directadmin
settings - what settings? i just installed directadmin, added my website (added dns on the where i got my website)
Screen with what? - I JUST upload files in public_html and nothing happens. Website stays the same - To change this page, upload your website into the public_html directory

08/01/2016, 16h50
What OS ?
Web server ?
Panel ?
Settings ?
Screen copy ?

WE do NOT have ACCESS to YOUR server, so we can't not see what is wrong.
We can't even know what you do not know ....

So, answers on a forum are as good as details you gave when asking questions.

08/01/2016, 16h30
Well i think my domain is added to my website because when i enter it says To change this page, upload your website into the public_html directory etc etc

BUT when i put ANY files in public_html it doeasnt show anything on my website, why?