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Ordered server but still waiting please help.

16/01/2016, 06h08
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Server delivered today, Thank you very much
Hey mjwilson,

I see that it took them over a month before they actually delivered your new server. Did they bill you for the month that you did not have the server?

Edit: I misread the dates... just ignore this post.


13/01/2016, 15h42
Server delivered today, Thank you very much

12/01/2016, 14h46
To be honest i'm not sure whats going on, but would really like support to maybe to a little interest and start answering a few questions on the forums and its the only "support" we have. I have also used the contact form, but as yet have had no reply.
I also see another ks-3 just got released today??? Last server delivered: today at 11:26am
Maybe sort out existing orders before selling more as the 'within 120secs' if false advertising.

Please can we get so help here, and maybe a few answers.

Bouncy Badger
12/01/2016, 09h59
You are not alone.

I too ordered a KS-3 on 2016-01-11 at 14:00:20 (order number 47227398) and my order too is stuck "in progress"; the "Kimsufi - 16G Core i5-750 1x2TB Server - 1 month" and "Datacentre France" are marked as "complete" in the online invoice, while the "Setup fee" is marked as "in progress".

If you search this forum you'll find that many other users experienced the same issue:

And that's from the first three pages of this forum only.

I tried writing them through their contact form but I too haven't received a response (yet — but you should do it too).

My two programmer's cents? Their order module can't correctly handle concurrent orders with limited product availability, so they accept orders for which they have no hardware available.

11/01/2016, 19h38
Dear support,
I ordered and payed for a KS-3 today (so happy i finally got one )
Order:Number: 47227406
Date: 11-01-2016 14:00:35
I was wondering how long i might have to wait to get the server.
The site says within 120seconds but i've been waiting over 6 hours now.
Please can someone look into this.