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Server no connection after install

13/01/2016, 00h07
What is your Putty version ? (if you are using 'Windows')).
If not the latest (at least 0.63), why not ?

Describe you network . Internet access as cable, ADSL, Analog RTC modem ? From home, business ? Limited school access ? Prison ? Your ISP ? Country ? Parental control activated ?

Btw: Why an ancient Debian version ? Why not the latest -version 8.2 ?

12/01/2016, 20h50
okay i don't no.

when the in rescue modus its going by me, when boot from Harddrive its not going.

11/01/2016, 23h00
Works for me...

11/01/2016, 22h23
Today I get the new server and installed immediately with Debian 7.5.
Unfortunately I can and also another person not with Putty access the server (port 22).