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Refund Request

16/01/2016, 11h47
lol at opening a ticket I did that 14/01/2016 11:44 and it's been totally ignored
I find it shocking that one is not able to to something as simple as update their very own primary email.
Open a ticket and do not expect a response!

13/01/2016, 10h39

This is a user to user support forum.

Commercial support (or any other support for that matters) isn't being handled by this forum.
Open a ticket in your KS Manager.

Btw : your server (a KS) works - KS support your server (==> THE hardware, the IP, network acces, etc)
KS does not support software coming from other sources (yes, even if they are so kindly to pre-install it ..)
Xenserver works on KS (otherwise they didn't put the OS on the list).

I - and that engages just me - estimate your chances to get a refund rather small,. But try it anyway ...

13/01/2016, 09h59

I ordered a kimsufi server yesterday, this one take some hour to be available and when he was i cant access to the desired Citrix xenserver.

I choose to install citrix with your solution and when i connect to it with the xencenter il always have several error on the console. I dont have storage, i cant install a new storage with the console, the console send me some error message without putting something on it.

I dont have so many chance, i try vmware but its not what i want, this morning i roll back to xenserver and again i cant use it. I just buy this server fr using xen and i cant do anything usefull. i just loose 2 days of work for anything

I already get a soyoustart dedicated server today and xenserver work without any problem !

Can you refund me ? Command order : BC47267182 Bill: KSFR281807

In advance thank you.