OVH Community, your new community space. Please resolve this issue !

15/01/2016, 12h07
Te payment was made on [Your order was paid on 09/01/2016 a 10:29:30] on this link - After that you sent me a email that tells to confirm the payment with my documents , i have sent to the email address and i get this message [

L'adresse que vous venez d'utiliser pour contacter notre service
client n'est plus valide.

Afin d'améliorer nos services et traiter votre demande dans les
meilleurs délais, une adresse unique est désormais à votre disposition
sur notre site. ] well is my foult or is yours ? where is the problem to confirm the payment . Read this please as you know my server is down from 11 , as you don't want to loose your customers , me neither so please confirm this payment and bring on my server ...