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Server expired without warning

07/02/2016, 19h31
Your best bet is to use the support link on the main page, im 99% sure the forums are not used by support.


04/02/2016, 16h54
I received an email saying: "Our system has detected that your server has expired in spite of the reminders that we have sent you. Your server will thus be suspended within the next few minutes."

I don't have any other emails saying my server will suspended, even in the spam folder. I've paid all the bills on time. My server was set to expire Feb 22, 2016. The email states my server will be permanently shut down in 5 days.
I cannot renew using the link given - It says I must contact support to get it renewed.

My server is currently offline, so I assume this isn't a phish or spam email. Any help?