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Cancel and refund order

19/02/2016, 23h51
Kimsufi support do not read the forums. These forums are user to user support. Your best bet is to contact them through the support option on the main site or create a ticket through your account. I'm sure they will refund the server, but it will take time. Also do not use the server while asking for a refund. So best bet is contact support and open ticket with explanation. Good luck.

15/02/2016, 23h04
I have now been invoiced from paypal despite sending kimsufi two different emails explaining that I would like to cancel the order. I've sent in a support ticket with the kimsufi panel - if it doesn't get responded to within the next day I might be forced to take up the charge with paypal due to the fact that I asked them way before recieving the product to cancel the order.

15/02/2016, 20h46
I sent in an email via the support form 'commercial' option this morning asking to cancel an order I made about 30 minutes after i made the order due to something coming up that removed the need for the server. However, i got an email about 4 hours later stating that they were reviewing the payment now.

I would like to request that this order/server get canceled and I get refunded the money, as I do not want to pay for something I have no use for.