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Waiting MY new server!!

31/03/2016, 11h15
I 'm in the same situation as you . In addition, I have published several times a question in the forum, and It hasn't been published. I have sent several tickets in the control panel, without response. It seems that Homer Simpson is the forum administrator!!

31/03/2016, 06h11
Your order 49938643 has been received.
Our teams will validate it as soon as possible.

I have been waiting for more than two weeks now. How long does this validation process usually take?

25/03/2016, 19h19
you will get answer but it take long maybe one week

18/03/2016, 13h04
Okay, still no answer, neither from the Support nor from here in the forum!
Absolute gall!!

I'll retrieve my money and avoid kimsufi!

Thanky for the "conversation"!

16/03/2016, 15h27
Hello, I've orderd a server on sunday and sent my ID card copy immediately via email and the proposed support form.

When I go into the control panel and check the order details there is still the following message:
Your order was paid on 13/03/2016 a 14:30:44 - Your order is in progress
How long does it take to complete?

I also opened a support ticket, but it's simply not observed.

15/03/2016, 15h56
and you will need to validate your account first by sending a scan from your credit Card ( if you will pay by it ) and ID Passport

03/03/2016, 19h10
I placed an order for the server I wanted to accomplish a transfer via paypal, but my bank was not able to complete the transaction account is loaded paypal. If I do not shed the required amount of this order will be canceled? Will I be charged some consequences?

02/03/2016, 18h18
See here : the guy over there asked the same question .....!!

02/03/2016, 18h13
I have received a mail with my new server bought:

Your order 48970556 has been received.
Our teams will validate it as soon as possible.
Order summary:
- Kimsufi KS-4B - 16G i5-3570s 1x1TB Server - 1 month

I have selected payment method and I am waiting.
How many days can pass until I received the new server??