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No Support Whatso Ever Officially - IP Tables Messed Up

05/03/2016, 18h23
Citation Envoyé par SlytherinThomas
I have chosen to reinstall the OS - not happy. Lucky I had most important back ups.
Actually, you were unlucky - twice.

There is no need to re-install when you mess up the firewall - the SSH service and/or access.
The solution is dead easy: boot into resceu mode (option that exists in the Manager of your KS) - mount your partitions, edit the file that load the firewall rules and undo them, or just set things up so they do not got to load anyway.
This was a software issue, and KS tech services only deal with hardware problems like broken drives - NEVER EVER with software issues ...
There was only one issue : you were not aware of the tools at your disposal to mange your server.
I'll leave it up to you to find out about this "rescue mode", how to access it, what to do to access your drives (partitions), etc.

Btw : I'm runnings servers for yours now, never even add my own firewall rules (iptables).
My advise : do not bother using firewall rules. Feel free to do so when you are a server expert. Up yo then : leave your firewall as is.

05/03/2016, 15h23
I have chosen to reinstall the OS - not happy. Lucky I had most important back ups.

05/03/2016, 15h00
Server: RBX4 - Rack: 54A25 - Server ID: 202589

I have been waiting since yesterday (yes I posted late yesterday but still) for a reply of any sorts on an Email or on my Ticket about a possible mess up with my IP Tables disallowing Remote SSH Access. This is absolutely not on as I have all my work on their, I pay for this machine and now its going to be left to die until someone sorts this.