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Bought Dedicated Server

15/03/2016, 15h53
you will need to verify it

11/03/2016, 21h54

ovh != kimsufi

Your kimsufi login is your email + password you have set, it's simmply impossible to use OVH account.

Cordially, janus57

11/03/2016, 10h39
Hello to all members and admin, i'm a client of ovh and yesterday i discovered kimsufi and i ordered one dedicated server.
I was not able to login with my ovh data so i had to create a new account for kimsufi.
My kimsufi order is 49799749, have i to verify again or can you use my ovh data( vc88561-ovh)?
I registered my account with the same email.
Thanks, i need the server today if possible