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No internet on XenServer VMs

25/03/2016, 19h21
but you can install it directly to the server without VM

17/03/2016, 18h38
Hehe, nah. Server itself is now running CentOS7. Inside there's a VM that is running Win 8.1. I have some service bots that only run on Win8.1 and up, so that's why one of the VMs is Windows.

17/03/2016, 11h23
A home desktop OS like Win 8.1 on a server ??

17/03/2016, 11h09
Ye it was behind NAT, but still nothing.
Nevermind though anymore. The moment I saw it is unable to install CentOS 7 properly I trashed it all and just installed CentOS7 on the server and I'm using their VM manager. Installed Win8.1 there and internet was present by default without a hassle.

15/03/2016, 15h49
use NAT not vmbr0

on proxmox i use it but if this can help you try on xenserver if it has

14/03/2016, 17h44
Installed the XenServer 6.5 on a dedicated server. Now I've been trying to get internet connection to a VM running Win8.1 and it just does not work. The only way I can get internet on that VM is when I change the MAC address of VM device to the one that XenServer has, which is bridged with eth1, but that causes massive lag even to the XenServer, which is probably the result of packetlosses. It does say in the description that I should set MAC addresses of VM devices into the values I've supposedly obtained from OVH, but I have none? I did install xs-tools on Windows 8.1, it changed the adapter, but still no internet.
It can't be that complicated. How can I get internet to my VM?