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root password

22/03/2016, 11h45

You should have received a mail .... but ....
Your are using a mail from your ISP : you have had the mail.
A free mail ? Chances are that the mail was filtered ...... (free DO through away mails you want, not only the spams ...)

But : good new. You do not really need this mail ... because YOU can set any password that you like yourself.
You'll be needing the rescue mode of your server. You can activate this mode in the Manager of your server.
But : (the joke !) : boot your server in rescue mode and you will receive a mail with a temporally password. Chances are BIG that this mail will not make it neither.

So : into the Manager, you will have to put a SSH public key. If all goes well, the manager will accept your key. You can reboot in rescue mode.
You'll be using the private key with Putty ....
The nice thing is : you won't be needing a password to enter into the rescue-SSH session.
When you in, you have to mount your partitions ...
When done, you chroot into them.
And now : you can execute
and set your password.
Leave the chroot (type exit or logout)
reboot your server in normal mode.
You can enter with the password you set yourself.

Btw : while you're at it - DO NOT EVER AGAIN your password authentification - use the public / private key authentification. Is far more safer anyway.

Initial password SSH session exists just so you can enter the easy way, but it should be used on a daily baseis anyway.

And : you'll be gaining some experience with the rescue mode : how to access it, how to mount your partitions, etc This knowledge WILL save your server in the future. You wouldn't be learning all this when your files are on your server. You should leran that right now .....

22/03/2016, 10h38
it's working.