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What conditions of service?

31/03/2016, 17h48

1 - No (you want IP it's here : or
2 - No backup at all
3 - you mean OS ? see "Distributions and solutions" (not all are listed)
4 - unmetered but 100Mbit/s "best-effort" (mean you can have 100Mbit/s or less)

Cordialement, janus57

31/03/2016, 13h42
I would contract a dedicated server KS-5, but i don't find the exact conditions of service.

-It's possible to contract more than 1 IP?
-Its, possible to contract mores space for backup than 100 GB?
-Where is the list of S.O. that can i install?
-What is the amoount of traffic included?

I red that itīs a low cost service, but one minimal of explanations ...