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iPhone broken - cant login into my kimsufi account because 2factor auth

01/04/2016, 12h29
I already wrote a email to their support but also thought may its faster through the forum.

well i dont remember receiving these over ride codes or where i stored them

I paid with paypal the last bills

01/04/2016, 12h22
First problem : Good news. It doesn't exist. KS (OVH) already knew that iPhones (smartphones) could die. They (the phones) do so all the time. And so, that is exactly why you received 10 special "over ride" codes. Each code is just usable ones but, you can use the first one to deactivate the 2 factor authentication.

Or are you the one that will not ask any questions if some one proposes you an access with a digital finger print reader, and they ask you to learn it just ONE finger of your finger ? Or you bought a car with just ONE key..... ?
There is always a "Plan B" !!

Plan C : contact support - they will ask you to send them ID papers so they will know that YOU is YOU, and they deactivate the 2 factor method (yes, this will take some days)

Second problem : Are you sure ? I can not keep my server if I didn't fill in an automatic pavement method like credit card, bank account or Paypal account. After that, KS will pay themselves.

Asking for internal KS help on this forum won't help you. This is a user-to-user forum, KS people actually never visit this forum.

01/04/2016, 10h41
customerid: er24292-ks

Hello my i phone is broken now through a hardware failure (bluescreen loop). i am unable to login into my account or delete the 2factor authentification.

my server expires soon and i want to pay it but im not able to do it

Dedizierter Server / 2016-04-08

Can you please delete / remove the 2 factor auth method of my account?