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DNS Refused when changing Nameserver

02/04/2016, 13h45
Hi, i have a KS server with Plesk 12.5, i have bought a domain name and i'm trying to configure the nameserver with my KS server, this is the Nameserver in my Registrar provider:


Also the plesk was installed automatically from kimsufi panel, so it's already configured for the kimsufi nameserver (also zone allowed the ip, checked.

but after i submit the nameserver i get an email that say:

Nameservers validation for failed
SOAQueryAnswerTest: ERROR

Nameservers	Status	OK	ERROR	'REFUSED' returncode
I have also configured (with the default provider nameserver, because if i try to change with the kimsufi i get the error) the secondary dns in kimsufi control panel: xx.xx.xx.xx

Anyone know how to fix this problem?


I think the problem is solved, i just needed to put the ip address of on the provider nameserver control panel, that's all.