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Your server suspension system is ANNOYING!

03/04/2016, 02h22
More question :

I (in France) can not have a KS if I do not give them my Papyal, Credit Card or bank account.
They (KS) will pay themselves in time - so no risk ... do delay. All good.

Or : what about paying them earlier - just a couple of days ?
Or : maybe even better : leave KS (they are, after all, play and fool-around servers - and not ment be be used for serious 'work') - take a SYS. Pay on time (earlier if your method implies delays) and you'll be fine.

02/04/2016, 19h46
This is the third time this has happened. I renewed my server but because you manually check my payment to make sure I'm not a criminal or something (despite being a customer for 3+ years and having to go through this EVERY TIME) it has now expired and you've switched it off. I never get compensated for the down time and when the payment does go through, it takes you a further 48 hours to switch it back on. So if I pay on the 27th, my server goes offline on the 1st, you check the payment usually on the 3rd and then its usually back online by 8PM on the 5th. A whole 5 days of downtime (with NO compensation) due to your checks on a customer of 3+ years!

What happens if you haven't checked my payment after 5 days considering you say the server will be wiped? Do I get compensation then or not?