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Order 51059812 when will I get my server?

11/04/2016, 15h36
I am customer of ovh for years using soyoustart. I had kimsufi account I think I validated it.. didn't get any validation requests just confirmation about payment.

11/04/2016, 15h33
I am customer of soyoustart for years... I think I made validation... I didn't get any emails with validation request.. just :
Dear Sir / Madam,

Welcome to OVH!

We confirm the receipt of your payment corresponding to
order number 51059812

Your order will be verified promptly by our team.

We would like to thank you for choosing OVH.

Best regards,

Customer service
From Monday to Friday: 9h00 - 20h00

11/04/2016, 15h16

KS serves aren't probably delivered in the weekends ... and even less in "120 sec", which is a commercial statement, that can apply when some special conditions like "you are already a client" are validated.
Did you received the "ID identification mail" ?
An order number ?

11/04/2016, 14h54
Server was'nt activated in 120 secs as promissed on the offer, and it wasn't activated even today!!! no respond from customer support...
When can I expect to get my services for that i already paid 3 days ago?