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120seconds activation. Order 51153409

15/04/2016, 12h27
Order 51153409 was created April 13 15:07 GMT+3. Now(April 15 13:11 GMT+3) ordered server is still not activated, but after i placed order i saw new orders in my account - 51120477,51094028,51142512,51183446,51183479,51192 309 some of them has creation date earlier than logged to my account(April 11-12) in same time a 2 PayPal autopayments occured, 24.99Euro each - so i lost 50Euro and got nothing, there are no response on my tickets in support more than 24 hours. My account is validated - i was client of Kimsufi in November 2015 - March 2015. Now i disable PayPal autopayments and really need for some answers.