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Need to change email

21/04/2016, 23h12

Generate a private and public key (use a tool that comes with Putty (Windows) - iMAC and Linux based Pc's have all the tools already).
Connect to the Manager of the KS.
Upload the public key.
When the Manager accepted your key, reboot in rescue.

At that moment, the mail you receive - or, in your case : not receive - isn't important anymore.

Use Putty (or any ssh-client tool) to connect to your server using your private key.

No password needed

Have a look at this : to see how it works.

Btw : 3 things to to know:
1) Never ever use a mail for a "Manager" that manages your server .... that manages your mail. You know why now
3) Always test drive rescue-mode the day you receive your server - so you know what to do when things do bad ....
2) The OS's that exist today (the last several years) do not use "user+password" authentication anymore when you install them. It was always meant to be public and private key authentication. KS (OVH) pre-installs an OS with "user+password" because they can not / should not generate a private key and send it over to you (it would be private anymore). AS SOON as you take possession of a server, you should have : de-activate "user+password" authentication and activate key authentication. A nice side effect is : put the public key into the Manager of your server and rebooting in rescue mode would change 'zero' for you. No more need for that mail that contains the temporary "root+password rescue login".

edit : believe me : this 'solution' works - I use it every day. No need for 'KS support' (so no xxx days waiting - and they will wind up telling you what I told you above).
KS support is for mechanical matters (burned down hard disk - dead processor, etc), never ever for software issues anyway.

21/04/2016, 19h38

you need to contact the support


21/04/2016, 11h55

I'm having problems with my server and need to reboot on rescue mode. However I can't access to my main email to get creedential because is on that server. Can you please change my main email with the security email?

last invoice: KSEU87414