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Server hasnt delivered yet

13/05/2016, 06h22
same here my server is in pending from Saturday. ie 7 may 2016

09/05/2016, 09h44
Got the server, everything seems to be alright except the 4 hour OS installation time

07/05/2016, 13h45
i checked both inbox and spam folder. the only email i got from kimsufi is an email asking me to make the payment. but i already made the payment. money has been deducted from my bank and the order page says so too. but still i havent received my server or an invoice from kimsufi for my payment

07/05/2016, 12h19

have you check your email (spam folder too) ?

Wait until monday and if nothing contact the support (no support on WE see the website).

Cordially, janus57

07/05/2016, 09h49
it has been over 16 hours now still nothing

06/05/2016, 15h50
i paid for the server about 2 hours ago, i still havent received any order confirmation email, invoice and the order page still says processing

order number is - 52231323

whats going on? should i contact kimsufi support through the site?