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screen issues

17/05/2016, 15h07
for those experiencing the same issue, it could be the same as mine where it's not adding gid=5 to the modes of devpts, to get screen workign do the following:

mount | grep /dev/pts
this could show a result like this: devpts on /dev/pts type devpts (rw,relatime,seclabel,gid=5,mode=600,ptmxmode=000)

if yours is missing gid=5 then you can fix with the following:
mount /dev/pts -o remount,gid=5

and then in /etc/fstab under options for devpts change it to gid=5,mode=600

this should allow you to use screen without issues on a non-root account and should remain working upon reboot of your server, if I have done anything slightly wrong, feel free to correct me

17/05/2016, 14h03

So I have been trying to use screen and come to find that I was unable to use it under a non-root account, after a lot of searching and some help from friends, come to commenting devpts in /etc/fstab, which allows starting of screen with just simply "screen" on non-root account, however upon trying to detach with ctrl a+d all it does is prints ^a and does not detach, also if I try to use screen with any options, it will go to a new line without forking it into background as it should, so it's not running so I could attach to it.

Anyone got any ideas on this? I appear to have been unable to yet find a solution and Fedora support irc basically refused to help on basis of non-standard kernel and changes OVH make to the images saying that's likely the fault.