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Problem with Write/Read Disk Hardware

24/05/2016, 00h08
... but it doesn't work like that.

Go have to :
Put your serveur in rescue mode.
Run the hardware test.
Copie en save the results.
Now, goto the Manager of the server.
Open a ticket.
Paste the results.
KS-tech will afterwards (it may take a while) replace the faulting disk (if you have more then one disk, you better make sure you gave them the info so they replace the RIGHT disk).
That disk will be empty, of course.
So, when replaced, re-install your OS.
And finally, reinstall your data - the data you backed up before the incident.

23/05/2016, 13h25

We have problem in 1 our dedicated kimsufi servers. And we need support for resolve this problem. Is a Hardware problem and you should change the problematic disk/s