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Server suspended

31/07/2016, 14h57

And you discovered all this after renting for 2 years a KS server ?
You never had a look at this forum before - it's filled up with people who do not want to ID them self - but they want to be on the public place number one : the net (joke inside !) ???
When you rent a server, you ID yourself (that's their selling rule : being on the net with a server : they wat to know who you are). Up to you not to agree with that : go look else where It's so easy ....

Btw : they (OVH) is renting several all over the planet now - and they had to re enforce the rules a bit. It became very messy at the end.
Do what we all do : rent locally, that is less troublesome.

Also : big means mostly "less expensive" - big doesn't mean best.

30/07/2016, 12h02
These people are clowns..

For the past 2 years I have had a server and paind monthly on my credit card, No problem. I take a 3 week break away because I am not online and when I try to sign up all of a sudden they can't verify my identity and I have to send in documents I don't have in order to get another server rental.

So I send in a copy of my card with all but the last 4 digits masked (as the e-mail says) and that's good enough.

All I get from these rude french idiots is


Without your identity card, your order can't be validated
Your order is canceled

Best Regards,

Service Billing"

Which is a real shame, The server I wanted this time was 4 times the price of the other one and I was looking at 4-5 years rental, NO problem with the card I was using, it's got £0 out of £25,000 available.

Luckily Hertzner sorted me one in within 5 minutes - Kimsufi's 120 seconds was 2 fucking days before anyone replied. "we check the payment manually"

It's a shame OVH is the biggest company in this industry, because the biggest is also the shittest!

29/07/2016, 03h37
Really complicated support of OVH Kimsufi does not meet the Ticket !!

15/07/2016, 21h10
and voila seems like they have wiped the server even though I have successfully paid two times and they do still ignore my tickets. I do wonder if is there anyway to get a reimbursement of the last 2 payments.

04/07/2016, 12h17
I am in the same situation. My server has been suspended as my payment is overdue and I have paid it but somehow I didn't receive the receipt. I have opened a ticked and tried to contact on kimsufi web support but no reply yet and it's the 4th day of suspension I am afraid my files will get deleted soon.
Any help much appreciated.

06/06/2016, 01h19
Indeed, already some open ticket, and I had no answer.
too bad support.

04/06/2016, 15h46
Citation Envoyé par Jordan
Have you tried any other method of contacting them?

Have you re-emailed them to check up on what is going on?
I've emailed them 3 times, also sent tickets, no reply ..

04/06/2016, 12h33
Have you tried any other method of contacting them?

Have you re-emailed them to check up on what is going on?

02/06/2016, 19h46
4 days server suspended, tomorrow files will be deleted, what a great customer support!
<3 OVH <3

01/06/2016, 16h25
2 days, no reply to ticket or forum support, server still suspended ...

31/05/2016, 18h33
3 more days until OVH will remove my data from server, support??? I need my server back.. how can let you this happen? No reply to any of my tickets and no forum support?

30/05/2016, 17h18
Hi, my server got suspended today, I've sent validation documents 5 days ago and still no reply from validation team, now all my customers can't use my software because of this, I'm really sad because I expected validation to be finished after 5 days.