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Bought KS-3C or KS-3B i cant even remember

05/07/2016, 09h54
I was considering asking for a refund due to the amount of time its taken but it might take longer :P

05/07/2016, 09h09
Check out the forum (this) fist.
People wait often, or, to be more precise : it always takes times. houres or even days aren't exceptions.
KS are cheap but slow to deliver (like more expensive servers can be delivered in a coup;e of minutes - does it make you wonder ?).

Always use a 'good' email address (supplier) that doesn't throw away mails that are important to you (like an order confirmation mail).

And think o this : KS are considered training servers. Like the tools you use when at school during a year. You have the time to order and setup during summer holidays .... There is no rush like "I need the server fast, because I have an exam tomorrow ...".
On the other hand : using such a server for other goals and be ready to discover some issues .... (which always take : time).

05/07/2016, 00h19
I paid for the machine for 34 Euros and the Payment was manually checked. I was then asked for ID and i sent ID and ive never had a reply for over 24 hours.... I'm worried what is happening as i have been scammed in the past. :/